STILLWATER Pre-Order Promotion - Exclusive Annotated Scene

"We'll have finished books on or around 9/15, by the way."


I'll be honest, I'm flailing around a little bit here, peeps. My novel, my baby, my debut, STILLWATER, is a real physical thing I will be able hold in my two hands, open and smell the pages, hug, put under my pillow at night, and carry around, cover out, everywhere I go so people will ask me, "What's that you have there?"

My book is in the warehouse, which means there's a very good chance retailers will start shipping out pre-orders next week. Before pub date!


To thank those who have pre-ordered STILLWATER, and to encourage those who haven't had a chance yet, I'm running a promotion from today through the first week of publication. Email me your order receipt and I will email you the link and password to a webpage that contains an annotated deleted scene of Miner giving Jack a tour of Stillwater.

Annotated deleted scene? Translation, please?

It's sort of like pop-up video for a movie blooper reel. Bits of the manuscript that didn't make it into the final version with footnotes about writing, characters and the town. 

Sold! What do I do?

Pre-order STILLWATER and forward the receipt to info (at) melissalenhardt (dot) com with PROMO in the subject line. I'll reply with the link and password. Read and enjoy!

Don't worry if you plan on purchasing a copy of STILLWATER at my launch on Octobere 3. I'll make sure you get the link and password that night!

Thanks for going on this journey with me! We are almost there!


Stillwater: A Jack McBride Mystery
By Melissa Lenhardt