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In other news:

HERESY is on sale for $2.99 across all digital platforms for the next THREE DAYS ONLY! It’s a great beach read! Trust me! Click on the “view price” button to pick which digital platform you prefer.

That link takes you to Book Bub. Are you familiar with Book Bub? It’s this great website that lets you know when digital book deals are happening. You can follow authors you love and see what books they recommend. You can recommend your own books. (You can also follow me, if you like. I’m working on adding book recommendations of my own.) But, most importantly - DEALS! Fill up your e-reader for the dog days of summer!

I should have linked to this in my newsletter, but I forgot. Barnes & Noble has been bought out by a hedge fund. That’s not always good news, but it really might be in this case. They’ve tapped James Daunt, of Daunt Books and recently the big Waterstones (England) turnaround. Daunt’s objective: make B&N more like independent bookstores and give the booksellers the ability to craft their inventory to the community it’s in. It’s been trendy the last few years to encourage readers to purchase books from independent bookstores. You totally should! But, we shouldn’t forget Barnes & Noble. As the only large bookstore left in the country, it’s success is critical to the health and profitability of the publishing industry. Read the entire article, for sure, but here’s the crux:

Support your local corporate behemoth bookstore” may sound like an odd rallying cry. But Mutter notes that the fate of the entire book industry is intertwined with that of Barnes & Noble. “If B&N disappeared, publishers and wholesalers would have so many fewer brick-and-mortar stores to sell to, which would mean all kinds of cutbacks in sales, marketing, distribution, warehouses, etc., that service indies and B&N,” he says. In other words: Everyone who wants the US to have a thriving book trade should be rooting for Barnes & Noble to stick around.

So, buy your books from IndieBound or Barnes & Noble.