I wish I had more time to listen to podcasts

Last week was a WEEK, in a good way, personally and professionally. But it threw me off my schedule and when I did sit down at my computer to write I worked on my manuscript (MS) because I have a deadline, and I’m getting paid to write it. So, last week’s newsletter about podcasts has morphed into this week’s newsletter about best intentions and a list of the podcasts I wish I had more time to listen to.

I love podcasts. I really do. But, I listen to them in spurts. The problem is podcasts are just one more thing competing for my time. Reading, watching television, writing, podcasts, Twitter; I mean, there’s only so much time in the day. When I’m exercising (too rare) I need to listen to music to motivate me. I usually listen in the late afternoon when I’m cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner. But, as my 17-year-old will tell you, my dinners have become a vanishingly rare since my oldest son went off to college. (He’s not wrong.) I almost wish I had a commute.

But, podcasts are pretty cool. You can find one on just about any subject you’re interested in. (Quality may vary.) True crime, fictional podcasts (which are basically the modern version of old radio shows), politics, books, culture, music, comedy, news, crafts. You name it, there’s a podcast for it.

When I do listen, here are some of my favorites:

NYT Book Review - hosted by Pamela Paul, this weekly show usually consists of an author interview followed by a roundtable of NYT book journalists talking about what they’re reading and what’s going on in the publishing world.

Book Riot Podcasts - If you love books you really can’t go wrong with a Book Riot podcast. They have genre specific podcasts, a weekly new books podcast, and a series called Annotated that takes a deep dive into all sorts of interesting, sometimes arcane, book related subjects.

Stuff I Missed in History Class - Exactly what it says it is. Unsurprisingly, since women have been written out of history, there’s a lot of episodes about notable women. It’s one of the best podcasts out there, IMO. It’s been around for a while so the archives are immense, and broken down by era.

Business Wars - I just discovered this one but like what I’ve heard so far. It is exactly what it sounds like: deep dives into some of the biggest business rivalries. Nike versus Adidas. Netflix versus Blockbuster. The Cereal Wars! (Who knew it was a thing?)

KERA Think with Krys Boyd - Think is a daily two hour show hosted by Krys Boyd on the Dallas NPR station. Boyd interviews a wide range of guests on a wide range of topics. She’s a phenomenal interviewer.

Women Who Travel - I discovered this when I was researching my current book. Hosted by two Code Nast Traveler writers, it focuses on women in the travel and hospitality industry, with a special focus on solo travel.

Articles that caught my eye:

Did you know that audio is the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry? In the age of ear buds and audiobooks, they want to be the voices in your head

I tried this and it totally works: How to fold a fitted sheet (video)

The NYT has sent a traveler off in the world to visit 52 places in 52 weeks. It’s an interesting series. Here he talks about giving up the battle for the perfect sunset photo.

Is there any other newsletter that will include a link about bog bodies? I didn’t think so.

Wondering how you can help the environment? Just add water products might save us.

Romantic comedy isn’t dying, but on streaming it’s settling for good enough. The modern day Nora Ephron can come along at any time now. Truly. We need lighthearted happily ever after movies now more than ever.

Um, this story is bonkers. The Dark History behind this year’s bestselling debut novel.

That’s it for this week! If you know anyone who might enjoy my newsletter, send it on to them. If you have questions for me about writing or publishing, or comments, simply reply to this newsletter. If I start getting reader questions regularly I’ll include a weekly Q&A in the newsletter.

Hope you have a fabulous week!