STILLWATER Photo Contest Running Through November 10

It's football season and what better way to celebrate my debut mystery, STILLWATER, and its small town setting than with a football themed photo contest? 

Texas Forever

Those words were immortalized by Tim Riggins in the phenomenal television show, Friday Night Lights. Free of caricature or derision for its setting and the people who live there, FNL is the best representation of small town Texas I've ever seen or read in fiction. 

The Contest

Take a photo of a football game - Pop Warner, middle school, high school, college, pro, intramural, backyard - or anything related to football - equipment, cheerleaders, the band, the fans, the concession stand, Halloween costumes - and post it to social media with the hashtag


and you'll be entered to win a

Dallas Cowboys helmet signed by Jason Witten.

The contest ends

November 10, 2016

Enter as many times as you want on

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!


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Stillwater: A Jack McBride Mystery
By Melissa Lenhardt

Jack McBride & Ellie Martin live to see another book...

It isn't much of a spoiler to tell you my two main characters survive STILLWATER, the first book in my mystery series. It wouldn't be much of a series if they didn't, would it? Whether or not my readers would get to see their future adventures? Well, that wasn't a sure thing.

Until today.

My publisher, Skyhorse, has picked up THE FISHER KING, the sequel to STILLWATER. I am so stoked to share this story with you. In THE FISHER KING, I get the chance to dive deeper into the town, the people, and all the messy stuff that's going on beneath the placid surface, as well as ask the question, Are you willing to turn a blind eye to corruption if it makes your life easier and safer?

The release date for THE FISHER KING is fall 2016. Stay tuned. More details to come.