The Mentalist Season Five Finale Review - "Red John's Rules" or is it "Red John Rules?"

The Mentalist 4.19: “Pink Champagne on Ice” – we’re getting into the home stretch for season four and I honestly have no idea where they are going with Patrick Jane. From the description, this is a stand-alone so we probably won’t get any forward motion on Red John. But, we might get some Jane backstory. Why am I still watching this show? The mysteries aren't clever and Red John is now, basically, God. Red John is the most ridiculously over the top, unrealistic, omniscient serial killer ever created. Any ounce of believability was lost when Red John 1) read Jane's mind and 2) knew what Jane would do before he did it, i.e. narrow down the 1,300 people Jane has shaken hands with since his wife died to seven. These two events are so inconceivable I can't think of words to describe it. Red John, help me out here. What exactly am I thinking? What will I think in a few minutes?

I'll tell you what I'm thinking. Thank you, Bruno Heller for freeing up an hour of Sunday night television. There is no way I am wasting another minute watching your show. You have mishandled the Rigsby/Van Pelt relationship to the point where Cho is the bored stand-in for the audience. His antipathy toward the entire thing is exactly what your viewers think. We lost investment in them two seasons ago. Your law enforcement professionals couldn't investigate their way out of a paper bag with a gaping hole in it. You have had outside characters tell Jane, Lisbon and the viewer over and over this season about how they are "a little in love with each other" instead of organically building sexual tension between the two. I'm not going to waste time complaining about your pedestrian mysteries. I've wasted enough time on this show already.

I might watch the series finale, whenever that may be, just to see how it is wrapped up. I won't need to see anything before because I doubt the solution will make a bit of sense. Unless, of course Red John turns out to be Jane. If this was Showtime, HBO or even FX, that twist might be a possibility. But, CBS doesn't have the imagination to pull that off. I don't think there is any way for Heller to stick the landing. That's too bad, because the beginning was a promising start.