On Writing: When do I choose the gym over writing? Apparently at about 36,000 words.

https://twitter.com/SwampOfBoredom/status/337629962083393537 That was a week ago. I'm roughly 36,000 words into a 80,000 word novel and I'm stuck. I know where the end is, but how the hell to get there is the problem.

I've never been much of a plotter, unless knowing the beginning and the end before I start is plotting. Which it's not. In my mind plotting is a detailed outline of every itty-bitty thing that happens and strictly adhering to it. Just the idea of that makes my skin crawl. It works for countless people, but not me. My way works, but it isn't very efficient. I typically write 2 1/2 books worth of prose before I massage the story into the final form. Or maybe I push, pull, slap and throw it into form. Lord knows sometimes it feels like it.

The two MS I finished in the past year were technically re-writes, stories I started years ago and re-visited. By the time I polished the final drafts, I had jettisoned everything but the idea and the characters. The current MS is the first wholly original story I've worked on in two years and it's an idea I didn't have until I finished Stillwater.  This book is the first real test of what my style is, which is why I'm stuck. I want to make sure I know what happens before I keep going. I'm already a little worried that of the 36,000 words I've written, 10,000 or more will be re-written.  I do not want to write 2 1/2 books worth of narrative again. It's a ridiculous waste of time and energy. Maybe that is my writing style, but Lord I hope not.

I hoped writing about my block would break it. That's not happening. Instead, I'm about to take a break and go to the gym. You know I'm in desperate straits if I'm choosing the gym over writing.

Tomorrow I meet Mark and will beat him down with a bunch of woe is me complaining. He will slap me into shape and I will coerce him into brainstorming with me.

One day, dear reader, I will be able to write educational posts about writing that will assist new writers in achieving their goal. Unfortunately,  today is not that day.

(In the good news department, my spell/grammar check for this post turned up no misspellings or passive voice problems. Win!)