Happy Fourth of July!

I'm out competing in a watermelon eating contest, watching a parade, eating pizza and homemade ice cream. Not necessarily in that order. The point is, I'm not here. So, here's a round up of Fourth of July related links:

Revolution Blues: Why do popular histories of the War of Independence ignore modern scholarship? - It's much more interesting than it may sound and makes an excellent point.

Fourth of July, Independence Day, Independent Day? What should we call it?

Born on the Second of July - When the Declaration of Independence really came into being.

This Day in History: July 4

Born on this day...

I know Gettysburg ended on July 3, but these are interesting reads:

Chronicle of Gettysburg Refuses Easy Answers

Did Black Soldiers Fight at Gettysburg?

I know, I know. This is a boring post. But, I did take the above pictures!