The Mentalist Season Six Spoilers

It seems the internets is buzzing with news on The Mentalist. Well, at least as much as the internets buzzes about The Mentalist. It isn't a show entertainment sites spend a lot of time talking about. But, a couple of pieces of interesting news has dropped and I thought I'd fill you in. Red John's identity will be revealed this calendar year.

Thank God. This is by far the best piece of news. Reading the subtext of what Heller says, the show might stay around after Red John is captured, contradicting Heller's repeated claim the show would end with the capture of Red John. I imagine the decision on whether or not The Mentalist gets a seventh season will be decided by how good the ratings are after Red John is caught and The Mentalist becomes a straight on procedural, along the lines of CSI, Criminal Minds and NCIS. Hopefully, ratings with be good enough for it to stick around. I like the characters and dynamic enough to watch it as a procedural. Of course, it would also be cool if they had a new overarching mystery each year, one not personally attached to anyone, sprinkled into the stand alone episodes. I guess we'll have to see how ratings go, and how well viewers like these other developments.

Owain Yeoman and Amanda Rigetti will leave the show sometime this season and their departure might be tied to Red John. I like Van Pelt and Grigsby but they are definitely the two it would make the most sense to ditch. They can go off into the sunset together (hopefully, Grace isn't a victim of Red John, though I could see that happening, too).

With the departure of two characters, two new characters are being introduced. From TV Line:

Matt, is there anything you can give us on the new FBI agents coming to The Mentalist? –Shena The two series regular roles being cast are Kim Fischer, an intelligent and (surprise!) attractive thirtysomething ex-homicide detective from Dallas who is not afraid to stand up for herself, and Nick Abbott, an African-American West Point grad/Iraq war vet who while calm in a crisis is not a fella to make angry.

Of course, rumor is this female agent will make the third part of the obligatory love triangle. Now that Red John will be out of the picture, they have to throw some other roadblock into Jane and Lisbon's way. I don't have a problem with that, per se, though I hope they resolve the relationship if this is the last season.

These nuggets of news have managed to get me excited about season six, which means I will probably be blogging about it. Sunday nights are going to be busy once again.