Sundays with Hitch on TCM

Shadow of a Doubt (1943) I spent most of the 2007-2008 school year watching Turner Classic Movies. Both of my children were out of the house and in school for seven hours a day and I couldn't think of a better way to decompress after parenting an undiagnosed ADHD toddler for five years. My obsession was probably a little unhealthy. A few weeks ago, my husband asked me why I don't watch old movies anymore. "Because I watched every one I wanted to see."

That isn't an exaggeration. I will occasionally check out TCM's schedule to see if there is anything I missed or an old favorite I want to re-watch. Occasionally, I'll find one of the latter, but the former? I haven't found one yet.

During that time, I tried to watch all of Hitchcock's movies. Easier said than done. They weren't all available on DVD and TCM played the same ones over and over, probably due to rights issues. When I did find a DVD of Hitchcock's British movies, the quality was terrible. The sound was horrible, making it difficult to understand what anyone was saying. His early works are also very static, resembling filmed stage plays more than what we think of as movies. But, that was not unique to Hitch. Most films from the last 20s early 30s suffer from this restraint.

So, though I tried to get through those early movies, I found myself falling asleep more often than not, getting bored or irritated by not being able to hear. There are probably about eight to ten movies I need to see to complete the set. Luckily, TCM is having a Hitchcock festival every Sunday in September.

As far as I can tell, TCM has managed to get the rights to just about every movie. The two exceptions I can see are Under Capricorn, a historical drama staring Ingrid Bergman I haven't seen and The Paradine Case, which I have and I'm pretty sure I hated it.

This Sunday's schedule is excellent. Starting at 10 am (Eastern) Murder (1932), Rope (1948), Spellbound (1946), Marnie (1964), The Birds (1963), Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Psycho (1960), The Lodger (1926), Blackmail (1929), and Frenzy (1972). I don't have the time or patience to watch them all (but if you do, I recommend it!), but will save a couple to my DVR to watch next week.

What I'm Watching - Murder and Blackmail. When I originally tried to watch them, the sound for Murder was horrible and I think I fell asleep during Blackmail.

Movie I Wouldn't Bother to Re-Watch - Spellbound. Despite Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman, I just didn't care for this one. But, I plan to read the book it was based on so I might re-visit it after that.

If You Can Only Watch One - If you've seen Psycho and The Birds, then you should definitely watch Shadow of a Doubt. Excellent psychological serial killer drama.