Friday Twitter Tips Vol. 4 - #PubTips from Agents and Editors

  Welcome to the fourth installment of Friday Twitter Tips where my sympathy for agents and editors grows ever more acute. Y'all see it all, over and over and over again. On behalf of every author out there, I'm sorry.

Personal story time: in fifth grade, Mrs. Starnes gave our class a worksheet, told us to read it through then complete the worksheet. Of course, I started answering the questions right away. When I got to the last question, it said to only answer one or two questions. Mrs. Starnes, looking very smug at the front of the room, didn't even have to spell out the moral of the lesson. Based on what I read from agents on Twitter, very few writers had their own Mrs. Starnes.
Read the agent's submission and query guidelines! They're all different!

Who doesn't want writing advice from a Dalek?

Query Etiquitte

Always good advice from Elmore Leonard:

Absolutely the way to get an agent to like you:

Hugh Howie, self-described self-publishing success outlier, makes the case for self-publishing, using numbers.

On the other hand, if you're self-publishing to get into traditional?

Know your genre.

Makes me glad I don't write YA.

Moral of this tweet: Revisions may seem evil, but they're just misunderstood. Like Draco Malfoy.

Moral of this tweet: don't be easy to mock. Oh, and get a friend to read your query.

More editing tips. From editors!



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