I've yet to master the art of the pithy, clickable post title, so you'll have to click through to see my good news.

Something happened yesterday. A monumental event I knew was coming, eventually, but I wasn't prepared for how absolutely cool and fantastic it was. My debut novel, STILLWATER, went up on Amazon. It is available for pre-order. From mashable.

A couple of things: yes, I know there's no cover image. That will come, hopefully soon, but I don't know when exactly.

Second, the tentative release date is October 6, 2015. That can always change, but for now, that's the target. As long as it is released before November 19, I'll have achieved my goal of getting published by 45.

Third, it will be available in electronic formats before October 6 and hopefully in audio as well.

Fourth, pre-orders are love.

So is sharing.