It's my first STILLWATER giveaway, and super easy to enter!

FullSizeRenderI know it's seven months until STILLWATER: A NOVEL is released, but I cannot contain my excitement! I've been thinking of what contests and giveaways I should have closer to the release and thought, "Why wait?" Plus, I had a pretty awesome idea for the swag to give away and I wanted to share. I have a friend who is a wonderful artist. Seriously. I'm in awe of her creativity. So, when I went to her with my idea, she said, "Yep. I can do that." And, it looks just as awesome as I expected!

Seriously, how cool is mug? The words all relate to the book, either character names, themes, or specific places. Why a coffee mug, you ask? Because Ellie Martin, the main female protagonist, owns The Book Bank, a combination bookstore and coffee shop. Hence, a hand-painted coffee mug.

How do you win this awesome coffee mug? Simple.

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The contest will run through FRIDAY, March 6. Sign up! I'd love to share my publishing journey with you!