Friday Twitter Tips - Marketing, Publicity, The Funny and Query Tips, Which Will Never Die

TwitterBirdTaps microphone. Hello? Shields eyes from spotlight. Anyone here?

There's a drunk slumped at a table with an empty bottle of Wild Turkey, a suburban mom with a tiny bit of spit-up on her shoulder and a man whose thousand yard stare can only mean he's at the end of writing a first draft. Thanks for sticking around, guys. Sorry for the delay. Traffic was a nightmare.

Where have I been, you ask? Working on the sequel to STILLWATER (coming Fall 2015), which means I've been procrastinating like a mofo. My favorite form of procrastination has been researching book marketing, which says to engage your readers/fans through social media--Twitter, Facebook, Blog--which I haven't been doing because I feel guilty I'm not working on my sequel.

The good news is, the sequel is coming along. It's still a hot mess, but it's getting there. I've also learned a few things about book marketing. Here's what I've learned:

  • Facebook isn't nearly the marketing dynamo everyone thinks it is. The posts on my page have very little reach, even when I share it on my personal page and my friends share it. Why? Because Facebook wants me to pay for promotion.
  • Heard the "you must have at least 2,500 Twitter followers" stat again this weekend. Apparently, this magic number will be the deciding factor for publisher's sales/marketing departments if they are on the fence about buying your book. Still think its a specious piece of advice.
  • Blogging is more difficult when your posts need to be more than just some random woman on the internet posting her thoughts about books. I have to look at everything I post through the "How Will This Help/Hurt My Book Marketing" lens, which has sucked what little blog creativity I had out the window.

But, there's always Friday Twitter Tips. No surprise my favorite tweets focus on craft and marketing/promotion these days. But, there are still a few query tips because they never, ever die.



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