It's Summer! Time to read.

image from danshamptons Welcome to June. The month where temperatures start to rise outside and I buy a jumbo Ibuprofen from Costco to alleviate all the headaches my constantly fighting 12 and 15 year old sons will give me until August 25. But, refereeing fights is not what this post is about. June is also the official start of reading season and I'm here with links to all the Summer Reading lists that have hit the internet like Old Faithful. But, wait, Melissa. Why aren't you recommending books to read for the summer? One, I'm lazy. Two, I have a smidge of a headache (my body prepping for the summer, no doubt). Three, it's almost nap time.

Enough about me. On to the book recommendations and general bookish type links!


The LA Times decides to make every other book list feel inadequate from the word go and  previews 143 books. 143!

Also on the LA Times, David Ulin muses about unfulfilled summer reading projects.

Worried they'll lose their literary street cred if they admit to reading a book with a picture of sand and water on the cover, five best-selling authors' tell what they're reading this summer, and it's heavy on the thinking and learning. (CNN)

The Minneapolis Star Tribune gives five mysteries you must read, then 10 more. That's 15 recommendations, btw. You're welcome.

USA Today Profiles Rainbow Rowell, as they should because she is made of awesomeness. They did not confirm, nor deny, the rumor that rainbows shoot from Rowell's fingers and unicorns dance on her keyboard when she is writing, but anyone who's read her work already knows the answer.

USA Today HIghlights 30 Hot Summer Reads. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say these are duplicated in the LA Times Summer Preview of 143 books. 143!

The thought of scrolling through 143 (143!) or 30 book recommendations stress you out?  Hollywood Report has you covered with a measly 10 recs for you ADHD suffering fools.

Huff Po, that bastion of the long read, decided 30 was too many but 10 was not enough, so they went with 16. They don't know why they chose 16 instead of 15, or 20 either, but they sure as hell never considered 143. 143! Though now that they think of it, a 143 picture gallery would pull in a helluva lot of page views...

Then, the NY Post goes and chooses 29. Where do these people come up with these numbers? I like the variety in the Post's choices, though.

The St Louis Post Dispatch wins for organization: they've divided their list out by month of release. Or maybe they win for the lazy. Trust me, I'm a well-qualified judge (see this post you're reading). We'll be nice and call it the Cut and Paste Award.

Don't worry. I'm trying to post on my blog every weekday during June. I'll be back with more links to book recommendations soon. Probably sooner than I should.