SAWBONES, Historical Fiction novel, sold in 3-book deal


On June 1, I posted on the Swamp that some news was coming. Last Tuesday, I announced the news to my newsletter subscribers. Today, I'm posting it here for those who aren't subscribed.

If the one-line pitch, "Outlander meets the American West" sounds like a novel you'd want to read, you're going to be very excited about this deal. SAWBONES, the first novel in a historical series featuring a female surgeon from New York who flees out West after being falsely accused of murder, will be released digitally in March 2016. The remaining two novels will be released in six month increments.

This book has been a seven year labor of love. Not only was it the first manuscript I finished but it was also what I worked on after my father died in the summer of 2008. Dad loved watching Westerns, especially Lonesome Dove. All that summer after he died, I read McMurtry's novel, watched the mini-series, and took a deep dive into classic Hollywood westerns. I played around with a few scenes, not liking much of anything except the characters. What put this story into motion to become what it is now was reading EMPIRE OF THE SUMMER MOON by SC Gwynne.

I love all my books, but there's something special about this one. It's my favorite child and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all next spring! #Sawbones


Hang on, didn't you tell us about this book? It's coming out in October.

STILLWATER and SAWBONES are two entirely different books set in a different time periods with completely different characters.

I have two novels in two genres being released within months of each other.

It's okay to be shocked.


STILLWATER, my contemporary mystery, will be released in FOUR MONTHS!


I cannot believe it is almost here. Things are about to move fast and furious for this novel so expect the next newsletter to be chock full of STILLWATER news, including the cover and information about the book launches. #BigSecretsRunDeep

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