An all-out women-driven, queer, transgender, multiracial takeover of the Old West suits the prevailing winds, and that’s exactly what Melissa Lenhardt delivers in her unapologetically badass western, “Heresy.”
— The New York Times

The Parker-LaCour Gang. The first and only all-female band of outlaws in the American West. Ignored during their time. Written out of history. 

Margaret Parker and Hattie LaCour never intended to turn outlaw. 

After being run off their ranch by a greedy cattleman, their family is left destitute. As women alone they have few options: marriage, lying on their backs for money, or holding a gun. For Margaret and Hattie the choice is easy. With their small makeshift family, the gang pulls off a series of heists across the West.

Though the newspapers refuse to give the female gang credit, their exploits don’t go unnoticed. Pinkertons are on their trail, a rival male gang is determined to destroy them, and secrets among the group threaten to tear them apart. Now, Margaret and Hattie must find a way to protect their family, finish one last job, and avoid the hangman’s noose.

Melissa Lenhardt has created a bold new story where women have taken their rightful place in the narrative of the Outlaw Western genre; where wit, wisdom and wiles could mean the difference between life and death, and where the fellowship of women bested every challenge.
— Kathleen Kent, author of The Heretic's Daughter
This story is written at a gallop, with so many plots overlapping, that the reader will be fully engaged ... a Wild West epic, with heroes that have largely been written out of history. For readers that want to see minorities, of both the west and today, represented with personality, I recommend this book to you.
— Historical Novel Society
Another interesting take on the Wild West ... A rollicking, engrossing book that’ll keep you reading well past your bedtime.
— Bookpage
Readers who relish an unusual narrative structure will enjoy this unique take on the traditional western.
— Booklist




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