Long Time Gone (May 2020)

Long Time Gone is my first Women’s Fiction novel. It’s a love story about two women, Nora Noakes and Sophie Russell, who were torn apart in their youth by prejudice and hate, and now two decades later, after life has taken them in very different directions, are given a second chance to find love when an unexpected tragedy brings them back together.

Long Time Gone started, like Stillwater before it, as a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Unlike Stillwater, which somehow morphed into a small-town mystery, LTG retains many of Persuasion’s elements. But, it’s a very loose interpretation, and it will take a Persuasion fan to spot the similarities.

Long Time Gone is all about looking back at the choices you’ve made, or the choices forced upon you by friends, family & society, and how those choices have changed your life and shaped your personality. It’s also about looking to the future, the one you have versus the one you want and the sacrifices you will have to make for happiness.

I’ve loved all of my books, but every author will tell you there comes a point in the writing/editing/publishing process where you don’t ever want to read another word of the manuscript for as long as you live. I’ve never felt that with LTG. I was creating a PDF from the word document so my husband could read LTG on his tablet and I immediately started reading it and was about 30 pages in before I stopped myself and said, “Stop wasting time. You have another book to write, Lenhardt.” I’m looking forward to sharing Nora and Sophie’s story with all of you, and hope you love them and their story as much as I do.

We are in the cover design stage of the publishing process right now (August 2019). Hopefully this page will be updated with cover, a full description, and pre-order links by early fall. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or sign up for my newsletter (see sidebar) to get book information delivered to your inbox!

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