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RUN BABY RUN UK Cover Reveal

I am absolutely thrilled to reveal the cover for the UK edition of my upcoming novel, RUN BABY RUN (June 2023). Published by Mills and Boon, RUN BABY RUN is the follow-up to THE SECRET OF YOU AND ME, which was Mills and Boon's first LGBTQ title! Run Baby Run isn't a sequel, but the two books are set in the same universe. In one of the drafts of the novel (and there were many, but that drama deserves it's own blog post) Nora and Sophie made a cameo appearance. Rebecca Slorach, my amazing UK editor at Mills and Boon, was really keen for that scene to remain in the rewrite but I just couldn't make it work. Suffice it to say, Nora and Sophie would love Marja Evans, the main character in Run Baby Run.

Enough rambling, to the cover!!!

How gorgeous is that? I absolutely love the colors. The art department at Mills and Boon really knocked it out of the park on this one.

What's RUN BABY RUN about? Glad you asked!

The road to happiness is full of surprises.

Darcy Evans doesn’t have the time or the patience for a road trip up with her estranged mother, Marja. She’s busy running her website, getting married in a week, and trying to figure out how she feels about a bombshell confession of love, from her best friend – and her fiance’s sister – Chloe. She does not need a secretive mother with no interest in explaining herself, and her dog who barks when Darcy swears – which is a lot!
Marja had a very good reason for not telling Darcy why she cut off contact, and an even better reason for keeping it from her now. She is keeping her safe. Until two flat tires in the middle of the night ends with FBI agents, a runaway dog, and Marja standing over the tow truck driver with a smoking gun.
So now is the perfect time to reconnect and figure out the mystery of life and love…
If you live in the UK, you can pre-order RUN BABY RUN by clicking on the button below. If you're a US reader, stay tuned. A cover reveal and buy button for the US version is coming soon!


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